Going to Shatti-Al-Qurum from The Wave

Hi everyone

I am relocating to Muscat at the end of this year (2016) and was looking at the apartments in The Wave as a place to rent out.  My concern however is whether this is realistic or even a good plan given that my work is located at Shatti-Al-Qurum and I will have to drive in everyday.

While the distance doesn't seem too bad (only around 20kms) from what I can gather most people prefer to live as close to work as possible.  I am used to travel long distances where I live (and I travel as much as an hour one way each day) but perhaps its not the same in Muscat as it is in Western countries.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Hi Timtam85,

Al Mouj Muscat (formerly known as 'The Wave') and Shatti-Al-Qurum is well connected by the November 18th Street, or the generally busier Sutan Qaboos Street (Highway).

The only hassle with the Nov. 18th Street is that it has one too many traffic lights which could slow one down even further.

During rush hours, traffic would be slow for sure, but certainly not bumper-to-bumper, or to the same density as say, Sheikh Zayed Road of Dubai.

If you are no stranger to long commutes, then this should not really be of any significance to you.

After all, Oman traffic congestion is truly miles behind most developed nations.

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