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Cars cars cars!

Hi! I am about to move to Doha and was wondering what the car situation is like? Would it be possible to get around on public transport, bicycle or is a car recommended? If so what's the best and easiest way to get a car?

Many thanks!

Hello Dear
Good morning, i wish u safe trip to qatar & u'"ll be welcome.
In my point of view u it's so hard to live here without car.
If u have an international license, U can rent a car until u got ur Qatari id then U can buy a  car cash when u get ur id and applying for Qatari license or by car loan from bank whenever u have reguler salary in the bank

I think if you have residence visa they don’t consider international licenses (unless you know someone who can rent it for you, but you will take the risk in case of accedents)
you should issue Qatari one, it will take 1-3 months, and you should take the theory and practical lessons and exams,
For cars, you can buy cheap used car,

Personal advice, never buy a new fancy car in Qatar,

Good luck

That's why i said until u got the ID u can use international License & u can rent a car by Passport
After got ID you can buy a car but to drive it u've to submit for Qatari License.
Car loans need Bank statement.
for car type it depends on ur interests for me i prefer SUV 4X4 cars

my friend, you cant rent a car if your visa type is residency,  its illegal. but ppl do it behind the law and you take the full responsibility in case of damage

Maybe there is any new regulations but when i came here for more than 8 years it was possible
I don't know

Thanks for all the replies. Is there a minimum length on the car loans?

you can buy a used car, 20-40,, once u settle down you get a new car if you want something brand new or luxury,, take ur breaths the first 6 months ..
beside, it depends where is your work, residence, distance to markets and restaurants, and does your company provide loans or not

last year in September they changed even driving licenses laws and regulations , i made an exchange my UAE driving to Qatari, my friend after 2 weeks couldn't do it, they asked him to go though training and tests

I never think that in my Life I cant buy a cheap car in Iran so I dont need driving licenses but I seek some one who like help me I change my Life .

@sheilzwheelz you r english, i think they will replace your current driving license,, just get the ID (withen 2-3 weeks)
and rent a car for a month or 2 (2000 - 3000 QR) before buying one to know the great driving style here

i dont know about IRAN, am talking about Qatar

Many thanks!!!

the car loan period started from 1 year to 4 years maximum for the brand new cars & used cars up to 3 years ago maximum bepend on the bank & car brand name

I am Iranian but I dont Like Iran , Iran is a Historic country but not comfortable for Iranian people .

Hi There
Well there is a public transports of course depending in your accommodation location!

first getin to qatar & get settled. then go for car. maintainence is expensive

Hi ,

First of All. Welcome to Qatar. Its a lovely place to be. Secondly if you are looking to buy a car. Checkout the latest website [link moderated].

Wishing you the best.


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Reason : please do not advertise in your very first posts

Thanks Julien. It was more of information on where to find a car for new expats in Qatar. Depends how you look at it.

Hi , what is the best type of car for Doha : sedan , sports , urban SUV  or big 4x4 ?

Hi. It doesnt have a straight answer. Depends what you do and like. If you are single, just a commuter and weekly shopping. a hatchback would do. If you are in to extreme off-roading, then a proper 4x4 for sure. Finance also comes to the equation. thats for buying and maintenance. So look in longer term, ask your friends who knows you better. best wishes. :)

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