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Hello to everyone. I hope someone can help me with my querries. Im on a working permit B here in Belgium for three years now. And yearly my employer renewed it. Now Im thinking of changing employer before my work permit ends april 2017.  Im a little anxious if its easy to obtain a new B permit from a new employer. And btw next year will be my fourth year here, i hope it wont affect also my application for card A in the future if i have two different employer. 
Would be very happy for any reply here.

Changing employer while being on WP B will not impact your eligibility for card A.

If the new company is confident on securing a WP B for you, then there is not a thing to worry .. Wish you all the best !

Thank you for the reply Aneesh.  And one thing more, is it possible that my new prospect employer can file for a new work permit  this feb 2017 while my resignation paper from the old company take effect in March? or they have to wait till im done with my contract from the first employer?

I am not sure about the regulations around when can your new employer file a work permit request. May be their HR knows ?

Yes, have to ask HR instead. Merci :)

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