How is it like to Teach in JKS School in Jeddah

What is it like teaching in the senior school at JKS in Jedda?



JKS : 20 years of failure & faking education

Don’t know where to start...
They have lost, made run or fired some of the most skilled, strongest, Middle east experienced & most efficient teachers in the world.

First, JKS weak management will always be on the the kids side for money & business purposes, always blaming teachers rather than supporting them.

Roughly, a jail where you have to check in & out every day with fingerprints and are being watched in every classroom & corridor, not to talk about the kids’ very disrespectful behaviour, being accepted by the two current heads of school (boys & girls side) who will never support you.

Accepting a job there would be the biggest mistake in your lifetime.
Management would allow itself firing teachers just because few very agitated students have complained before their parents that teacher is too severe, too strict (as he has not let them play in the classroom). Teachers will then be fired in few days in any unpredicted situation, without even any extra baggage allowance or any mercy.

I wish I had been warned before!
Don’t end up fleeing during holidays like 30 others each year in the girls side as well as around 50 more in the boys side.

Much more details to come, if needed.

PS: Do check and trust hamudi & honestteacher comments which are the most accurate

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