Good afternoon everyone, I would like to know if there are some safe, and reasonable hostels in Dominican Republic? Several months ago, I posted an ad looking for rent a room for a month I did not get any response. I am from Canada, and would like to move to Dominican Republic, but first I want to expend at least a month there has a feels for the country to see if it's a good fit. Because it is very different than when visiting and staying in a resort.  Any good information would be greatly appreciated thank you

In Las Terrenas, the hostel,,,,  Dan and Manty's Guest House, is a good and safe place.
I'm going back again myself in a couple of days, so could give you an update if your remind me.

The hostel circuit in this country has been developing in just the last two years. There are a few in Santo Domingo, Island Life Backpackers Hostel being the biggest, a new one in Jarabacoa, a few in Cabarete, a couple in Las Galeras, and ours in Las Terrenas. Safety has not been the biggest concern, more what a person's interests are. Each of the places I mentioned have their plusses and minuses. A typical day for our guests in Las Terrenas is chilling at our beautiful beaches, and dancing at the local nightclubs. Cabarete is more sports oriented, Jarabacoa and Las Galeras are more about the natural beauty.

We have had a few petty thefts, but certainly no violent crime.

I dont know of any in the Puerto Plata  area. But I know a good reasonable bed and breakfast style place.

You did not mention what part of the country you were looking to stay in.  There are some apts/rooms posted under housing.

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