A young female Hong Kong entrepreneur wants to meet friends

Hello, I am Carol from Hong Kong and have moved to Shanghai since September 2016.  I like meeting friends and travelled to many countries.  I joined Germany Working Holiday in 2013-2014 and stayed there for 1 year. (I can speak some German, because I was learning in Hong Kong for 2 years)

Also, I like Japanese culture because I was major in Japanese Studies in the university.  Glad to know more people in Shanghai, and join all free of charge activities (because my business hasn't run up, really need to save money)

Carol from Hong Kong

hi my name is franklin from Ghana but currently living in usa and married.i would like to be friends with you

Sorry, I'd like to make friends in Shanghai.

Hi Im in Shanghai for the last couple of years I live in Xuhui work in Minghan would love to meet you for a cup of coffee if you are available one of this evenings

Let's meet by WeChat/Whatsapp first, ok? Thank you!

no problem my wechat id is : ***
you can add if you want ,
if you add after Friday it might be a while before I get back to you I leave Friday for a business trip to Europe back on the 24th of Nov
Have a nice afternoon

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I am from HK as well, have been living in shanghai for 4 years. add my wechat, name as my user ID.

Hey Carol,

I live in Hong Kong and visit SH regularly. Lets chat more. What's your WeChat?

Hello Alex,

My WeChat ID is xxxxx.  Recently something bad happen on me and want to find new friends for sharing.  I have been living in Shanghai for 4 months, just have 3 friends...

WeChat ID: xxxx

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Thanks all!

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