I have an Apple, I have 17 dongles

I know many avid, die hard Apple/Mac users out there in the world, but have never been able to understand why anyone would buy products that were so limited, so expensive, and you have so invalidate to warranty if you decide to put software Apple don't like on it.

Now it's gone beyond silly to flabbergastingly mad.

To do what I can do on almost any PC with standard leads I can buy in cheaply pretty much any computer shop, you have to buy up to 17 dongles, all sold by Apple at their prices, but they're good enough to give discounts for a while. Isn't that nice of them?

A tweet posted shortly after Apple’s recent Macbook launch event underlined the absurdity: Apple now sells 17 different types of dongle.
In its ever-escalating war against connectivity ports, Apple’s latest computers do away with the SD card port, a full-size USB port, and the HDMI port.

Yes, Apple have led the way in the past, but this seems more like leading up the garden path.
I won't be buying any Apple products when I visit Indocomtech in Jakarta tomorrow.

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