Hey guys,

It's been a long time since I last posted anything here as I've been caught up with work and stuffs (end of the year! Yay!) Anyway, as you can see, I'm actually looking for a FROZEN ELSA DRESS (ADULTS) to rent or purchase for an upcoming Disney theme dinner party so yeah I guess you get the idea. Haha!

I've been searching around BGC and online and was thinking to get one at a store over online purchase as the delivery period takes up to a month and I'm not sure whether the dress is gonna fit or not - so getting it over a store is better! :)

So, hoping to hear some good suggestions from you guys with any ideas on where can I get a hold of the dress here in BGC / Makati area.

Thanks peepo! Mabuhay!


My tito owns 1 of the most well known costume rental stores who also makes costumes, its called camp suki, if you need the number let me know.

Hi Danielr1708, thanks for your prompt response! However, I've managed to find one that is custom-made! It's cheaper compared to renting one so yeah, I have it sorted!

Nonetheless, thanks so much, once again! And have a good day off tomorrow! :)


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