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Hello everyone :)  I am Indraneel from India.  I have worked in Oman for 10 months. Being in the beautiful country with the kind natives was a lovely experience over all. And this forum has been an eye-opener and highly informative on multiple occasions. Thanks to all of you precious participants who contribute your fair share of knowledge and make this forum a grand success. In this regard, Mr. Sumitran deserves a very special mention for all the laudable support he extends time and again.
Coming to the topic, there are some hassles I am facing at the moment.  For long term VISA to another country I need to provide Oman PCC with my application as I stayed there for over 6 months. While there is option to apply for PCC from outside Oman over postal-mail, I have a few queries which are as follows:

1. Is the PCC in Arabic or English? I have seen Saudi PCC is in Arabic but that of UAE in English. I have no clue how Oman PCC looks like. A PCC in Arabic will make things further convoluted for me as I will have to get it translated by a certified translator and finding a certified translator would be another quest.

2. If I apply over postal-mail, how long does it take approximately to receive  the PCC in India from ROP?

3.Does 2-year employment ban negatively affect PCC?  (this reminds me I read somewhere,according to new rule, which only further tightened the noose around the neck,  even if you finish the contract but leave Oman you are banned for employment visa for 2 years unless you return to same employer? The only way to change employer is stay in Oman itself after completing the contract, manage an NOC (which is not entertained if you do not complete contract for whatever reason: resignation, termination, company shutting down etc.) . Now hardly any employer will give you an NOC sacrificing his quota, which means, virtually , you are tied to your company forever if you wish to continue working in Oman. Correct me if I am wrong, particularly my understanding the ban applies even if the company shuts down or you are terminated, although it is not mentioned in black and white anywhere in the ministry's law book.)

4. I heard the PCC provided by Oman says "needs to be attested by ministry of foreign affairs" -  so after everything, when you finally receive the PCC it is "incomplete" ? From where should one get it attested abroad? Visiting the Oman embassy in the country (which might be in another far away province)will get the work done?

5. Does ROP consult with employer before issuing a PCC? Or a clean record in their database is convincing enough? Even if you know you have been absolute honest and sincere, you do not know what kind of feedback they might provide.

6. Some sites say fingerprints need to be provided with application, some does not mention it. Now the private companies offering fingerprinting service charges too much. I read somewhere your central police station can help you out, you need to deposit the fees at treasury , get a challan and get the work done for Rs.800/- (approx).  But when I went to my city's  central PS, I was told by the senior of the concerned department they cannot help me at the "Scientific Wing" as I am not a criminal. First time I was perplexed if I should feel happy for not being one given the complex situation I am in... lol! Jokes apart, any input regarding fingerprinting for Oman PCC will count.
Kindly enlighten me on all these. Looking at my post, people like me who are crawling in the dark about Oman-PCC, will find their voice in this apparently complete-compact set of questions, I reckon.

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend :)

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