How to get to The Netherlands?


I am a 39 yr old Software Tester looking to move to The Netherlands permanently.  I have been applying for jobs for about a year now with no luck. I only had one interest and even managed to go for an interview when i visited the Netherlands this year but alas the company was not prepared to go through all the effort of employing someone from South Africa even though I had been the best candidate they had interviewed.

Is there any way i can move to the Netherlands without having a job offer? I think it would be so much easier to just start applying once i am there but don't know if this will legally be possible.

Any advice?

My opinion is that unless you have some special skill that is in short supply in Holland, then you may struggle following your proposed route; check out this link.

I suspect that Holland is not short of Software Testers, so you need to develop some other kind of skill that is in short supply.  You'll also need to pass the Civic Integration Exam.

Some people on here claim to have entered Holland to set up there own companies; this link tells you about that process.

Best of luck.

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