Brazil to Malta YouTube vlog.

Hi all,

We started a vlog about our move from Brazil to Malta, I have done an introduction video (pair with a review of Iberia Business) and a video about dogs so far. I haven't released them to the public quite yet, because I was hoping my wife would do some translation for subtitles for Brazil, but I was hoping that people might have suggestions and ideas to put in my planned episodes for upcoming videos about the move so I will release it here first because everyone speaks English. We will probably end up having a lot of guest people on it, so that is a possibility also.

Any suggestions can be here, or in the comments sections, but try to keep them non-troll please!

My next videos are:

- Working online - how I got a job teaching online / football themed / details about my planned visit to Malta in late November.

- 10 days in Malta (probably two videos) - finding somewhere to live, agents, tips and where to live (and where we chose and why)

- Picking up my wife coming in from Brazil by driving up to Paris, and going through customs from Brazil to Europe, and France to Britain with Brazilian dogs.

- A video about the couple of weeks we plan to spend at my mothers (including Christmas) with my Brazilian wife, her son, and two dogs.

- Getting over to Malta (by however means we decide)

- Settling down, and places we visited initially.

- After this, we may continue as more a expat tourist Vlog.

Thanks a lot. … 5GQc2gRTRQ

Hi Dorieus,

I definitely like the idea, so you got a subsciber there :)

Cheers Bernie,

You came over from Austria, right? If you have any ideas let me know!

Dorieus, a good place for this might be the BLOGS section of the site :)

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks Romaniac,
I'll post there, too. I just felt that there wouldn't be that many people with Maltese experience outside of this part of the site.

I applied and they said it's not a blog


It's a vlog so I don't think they have space for those, which is crazy in 2016. Maybe if I made a post here it could be stickied?

Dorieus :

I applied and they said it's not a blog


It's a vlog so I don't think they have space for those, which is crazy in 2016. Maybe if I made a post here it could be stickied?

Don't know about the topic being stickied, but you can definitely update this thread as needed and it will bump it up into view

I saw a video of a guy that dives with his dog - that might be a good one if anyone knows him.

I guess you mean "Titti the dog" at St Peter's Pool. He's quite famous :) He was even featured on a Spanish TV programme I saw about Malta (Madrilenos por el mundo)

Yeah, I see him name on the video. Maybe I'll be able to get in touch with him when I am living there, rather than when I visit at the end of the month.

Just flew in today, finishing up the third episode so I can do one on my finding a place this week, lol.

Been looking around...just posted an episode (not released on Facebook yet) about teaching online if anyone is interested in that.

The Hard Way - Brazil to Malta vlog

Episode 4

Episode 5 - Please subscribe

Hi everyone,

Please note that some posts have been removed from this thread.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hey there - I just watched episode 5. Well done managing everything in the end, you must have literally caught the plane in the last moment :) I commented on youtube.

Yeah, it was pretty nuts - but in the end we got there. Was harder than I thought, but the place I got was nicer than I thought,

I replied to you there, thanks for the comments they are always great to have to show different experiences!

Episode 6 - Picking up everyone in Paris and driving back home

Episode 7 - Christmas and a drone stuck in the tree.

We are in Malta now, so if anyone has any ideas on interesting or funny videos about Malta, Maltese culture or what-not let me know. Or maybe some subject to talk about or do a video on.

Our trip from the UK with the dogs (documentation stuff in video 2)

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