Immigration Formalities for a Moroccan married to a Polish citizen

Hi guys
my mane's Said Boudissi i'm from Morocco and i'm married with polish citizen we got married here in moroccco about four months ago and now she is in poland , and i would like to moved there and stay with her i don't know which documents i need for my visa and i hope if there is somebody has this experience can help me and tell me which exactly documents i need  to go to my wife and what i have to do ?  thank you .

How about asking the Polish embassy in your Country?

Thank you for u answer :) i already did but nothing helps , so i think i'll try to call them again , thank you again

Or, asking your wife to enquire in Poland?

ok i will thanks a lot :)

she sand you invitation for visa

Yes i know i need an invitation and act marriage Translate to polish langauge and insurance travel and around tickets flight , right ?  is there something else i need ? or that's all !!!

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