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Hi everyone
so i moved to this beautiful island from the UK 4 years ago now and i was just wondering if there are any vegan xpats? I have only met one vegan in my 4 years here who is now my girlfriend  :) We would like to meet and connect with other vegans and people who are like minded. we started a Facebook page about a week ago now so please come and check it out. We would like to organise some events and meet some fellow vegans so feel free to message me on here or through my Facebook page  :D  I look forward to hearing from you xx

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Hi Kris
I am a vegetarian (vegan 90%). Pretty hard to eat healthy as a vegan in Mauritius unless you do your own cooking and eat Indian food a lot.
Take care

His thanks for your response  on the island I have found some great places you can go and eat out at 100% vegan 😊 if you check out my page vegan islanders you will see more details there ☺

Good day to all
I just would like to know if there is some RAW VEGAN place in Mauritius island? If there is not do you thing that a small RAW CAFE should be welcome?
Thanks for your inputs

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