Marriage in Brazil by appointing an attorney through power of attorney

Dear Friends,
                         Please, Help me in knowing that it is possible to get married with my Brazilian partner in Brazil only through power of attorney without our presence together on the day of court marriage?
I explain you a little bit what I am wanting to know, it is that if I make a POA in India from any Indian notary (legalizing from every where and every process and even from Embassy of Brazil in India also and send it to Brazil) stating that I am appointing an attorney someone of my Brazilian  partner's relative to sign on behalf of me in my marriage performance and certificate and register our marriage without our real presence on the day of court marriage in Brazil and still living separately on either countries and obtain the marriage certificate and once it is done then on the basis of it I also register my marriage in India also and also what is the further processes after it in obtaining the Visa for either countries for both of us?
Please, help me?

Guys, where is Mr. James, When he comes online around here?

Hello Saurabh91

Sorry to say, but Mr James is no more in this world.   :(

you should have your Brazilian partner go to the notary in Brazil and ask them this question. they don't always have the same answer from place to place.

Lord! that's so sad to hear, I was expecting him to answer for my question, that man helped a lot so many peoples in clearing their all doubt.
May God bless his soul!

Yes, that is the problem no same answer every where but that is also to be done, but by then I also wanted to confirm and clear my own doubts who ever had such experience 'cause such case is so rare and even the lawyers have so many doubt about it, I have gone through at my end in India also but then most of them advise me to you better go to Delhi, there must be someone who has ever handled such case and that same lawyer can advise you about this matter.
I just wanted to know if someone could help me only here?

After James, there do not seem anybody else  who can give some advise over this matter or clear my question?

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