Annual Leave

hi everyone , I would like to ask that as per omani law an employee can get one month leave after one year or can get two month leave after two years,

if after one year then it will be one month after 12 months or after completing 11 months then 1',month leave,?

and for two year complete 24 months after two months or completing 22 months then months?

hope you get my point

As per the Omani Labour Law, Article 61: An employee shall have a right to an annual leave with full salary, for a period of not less than thirty days. The employee shall have this leave considering the interest of the work. He shall not enjoy this annual leave before the lapse of at least six months from joining work.
An employee shall have the right to a six-day emergency leave annually with full salary in emergency cases. A resolution by the Minister shall regulate the emergency leave for employees and the employee shall not waive the right in this leave. … 43f6/Omani Labour Law.pdf?MOD=AJPERES


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