About setting up a Vietnamese fusion restaurant


I would like to ask for advice and any experience about setting up a Vietnamese Fusion Restaurant in Zurich Switzerland?

Thank you very much


For six months or so there was a very successful Pop-Up Vietnamese restaurant in Berne. See . I estimate the setup cost Fr 10000 for fun and low-cost decor, I don't know about the kitchen equipment or the usual rules and regulations for restaurants in Switzerland. Graham

it would be very expensive rental. you better do your homework before putting down any money.

Dear Mr Graham,

Thank you very much for your information.

I do appreciate single advice.

I have heard about pop up Vietnamese in Bern

I am working on the plan so hopefully the project will be put in the reality in the earliest future.

Thank you again and wish happy Christmas time


Dear Denmarker,

Thank you for your advice. i do appreciate :)

Have a good day


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