Permanent Residency with Kids

Hey y'all. Anybody who has applied in the last year or two with their children - do they need the blood test? The paper from immigration in Belmopan seems to indicate they do not, but doctors are telling me otherwise. I know I could make an appointment with the director and get a direct answer, but I'd love to only go up there once since we're in Monkey River with no car.

Based on this site: 

It looks like a health certificate is required with HIV and VDRL tests for any applicants and their family members.

I don't know if that helps you, but that is just what I found online. Good luck :)

According to new rules you should be applying at your local office not Belmopan as of July 2016, if I read it right.

That would be pretty awesome. Where did you see that?

It has been on a few of the sites that I get notices from and I asked in Dangriga


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