Barra de Navidad

Hi Guys we are looking to relocate to the Barro de Navidad area could anyone give us there opinion on climate, dining,night life,cost of living,fishing,beaches, and is there a  expat community there small or large. many thanks to all that are able to share.

You will find Expats on the Tomzap message board and a few groups on Facebook.

Winter months lots of snowbirds, entertainment, and food. There are full-timers

Be sure to visit in mid-summer to see if the heat and humidity is too much.

I live in Melaque across the bay

Thanks Sparksmex   We will come down the end of Nov any recommmendations on mid price places to stay any other comments are appreciated.

I would ask on those sites I suggested. I never know what is going on in Barra or costs of anything

It's still 90 almost every day and even the locals are uncomfortable

The longer you stay ...... the cheaper it is

What are the groups on facebook i can,t find any Thanks

Melaque / Barra Navidad Amigos

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