Séjour de deux semaines à Mexico City

Je prévois passer deux semaines de vacances à Mexico City . On me dit que c'est une ville dangereuse pour une personne seule. Est- ce vrai? Je veux louer un appartement via Airbnb, est- ce sécure?

New York Times - 52 Places to Go in 2016

Mexico City is number 1. … .html?_r=0

Even if  I am a woman? Thanks for the information.

Is Mexico City safe for a solo female traveler or not?

I have to admit that before I had come to Mexico, I was terrified of Mexico City. Media made a good job scaring me by talking about all the murders, kidnapping and robberies. I gave myself the vow that I won’t get myself in danger. I didn’t go.
Then while traveling through the south of Mexico and meeting a lot of people who traveled from DF down south, I made a discovery. Everyone who went there, loved it. Nobody told me about crimes, being robbed or having the worst time of their lives.

It made me reevaluate my decision. How can a city has such a negative image in the media and be loved by all those travelers? Shouldn’t I get an impression myself to be able to judge it instead of trusting media?

Yes indeed!

And when I flew to Costa Rica, I got the chance. As flights are much more cheaper from Mexico City to San Jose than from Cancun, I booked my flight from Mexico City. Then I booked a flight from Cancun to Mexico City a couple of days before to be able to explore the city myself. As a solo female traveler.

So what’s my opinion?

Mexico City is definitely a city you can travel to as a solo female traveler. I say so without hesitation. Of course there are dangers but they can happen to you anywhere in the world. There has been a huge decrease in crime rates over the last years and I even read that it should be safer than Moscow and Washington DC by now.

People are everywhere
People are everywhere

Mexico City has the highest amount of police men per resident in the world. There is said to be one police man for every 100 residents. And you notice it. When walking through the center, you cannot walk a couple of meters without seeing at least one. Most of the time you see heaps of police men. Sometimes I even asked myself if there is a demonstration planned for the day as there were just so many. But there weren’t any demonstrations. It’s just there normal amount of police men in this city.

In my opinion Mexico City is just a big, ok really big city, in which you should take mainly the same precautions as in every other big city. Not more not less.

Source: … fety-tips/

Thanks, Merci, Gracias.
I feel more secure now to make my reservations . I want to spend two weeks in Mexico and two weeks un Quetetaro région.
I plan to start a consultation company with someone in Queretaro . This first trip will be an opportunity for me to explore and to see what is possible.

You're welcome.
You'll love it. Just follow those safety tips.
I recommend you for more travel tips.
Queretaro is a very prosperous city and very safe. I'd like to live there.

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Bonjour Isabelle, j'ai beaucoup voyagé au Mexique mais je ne suis jamais resté à Mexico toutefois à Puebla et Queretaro. Comme partout dans le monde, il ne faut pas courir de risques inutiles. Étant originaire de Montréal, il y existe des secteurs plus à risque comme partout ailleurs. Alors voici deux conseils, acheter le livre Lonely planet pour la ville de Mexico et les alentours  (aide pour transport, loyer, restos, etc...) et visiter le lien suivant pour comparer divers points entre villes du monde (coûts de la vie, criminalité, etc) … exico+City

Buena suerte, Gilles.

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