Air conditioner (with de-humidifier) settings in Autumn/Winter

Hi all!

Trying to find some info on using an Air conditioner (with de-humidifier) during the autumn/winter.

It'll be my first autumn/winter here in Malta and due to warnings that the high humidity makes it feel colder, I was wondering what settings the air conditioner should have.

It has a de-humidifier built in, so is it possible that it can just be on a setting to de-humidify and not to heat?

There is  "dry" option, so I'm assuming it's this.

So, for example, if the "dry" option is on 27, does it ALSO heat up the temperature to 27 degrees, i.e. using more electricity as a consequence?

Any general advice would be great!

If you could get the make and model then it's usually possible to get the user manual online. This should explain the correct settings for that unit.
This is what I usually do in these circumstances.


Thanks for the reply, but I can't find the model anywhere online
(My landlord didn't provide the paper manual)

Frustrating :)

what is the make / model?

I should add that it would have to provide some heat function or the room would just get colder as well as drier.
I take it the unit is a split ( condenser is outside ).

Thanks, Ray. Yes, a unit inside and outside.
Just wondered a general setting during winter time.
During the summer, the person who installed it recommended 26 degrees. Now that it's cooler, the room is around 20. It's just to decrease the humidity as the sheets feel damp.

It's a Mercury Eco Cool. Not sure what model.

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