English Teaching in Hanoi. Where to apply?

Hello! I'm Mia, and I'm coming to Hanoi pretty soon! I heard about all these teaching posts available, and since I'm already an English teacher myself, I figured that this would be a great way to be able to sustain my stay in Hanoi for a while.

Does anyone on here have any recommendations? Schools I can apply to, or any help/

I'd appreciate it big time!


Hello Mia :cheers:

You could create a job advert under the JOBS in Hanoi section of the site as well as contact jobs professionals recommended in our business directory below to help you find work in Hanoi.

> Jobs in Hanoi


Hi Mia

I live in Ha Noi and I know a job opening for english teacher

I'm also looking for a online customer service with melayu skill

If you are interested in, please contact me:



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Lots of English teaching jobs in Hanoi if you meet the Business Visa requirements.
If you don't meet the requirements, you'll still find work at the less reputable teaching centers but pay and other perks will be much less..

1.  All the above is True.

2.  There is a heap of work at ALL levels.

3.  Dye your hair blond and wear blue contacts
to effectively triple your wage expectations...

4.  Turn up and present well: the rest is guaranteed...

5.   You will enjoy it.  Also guaranteed(!)    :idontagree:

The excuses are as many as the reasons few.  Just do it.

Forget everything I wrote; French speakers are a shoo-in anyway....      :sosad:

Hi there,

I am also in Hanoi and looking for a job .

What other types of jobs are out there for  foreigners besides teaching English? I am from South Africa so English is my native language however I am curious as to what other jobs foreigners are able to obtain here?


Hi Mia.,

How about your job application ?

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