California Driver's License

I've just been through the immense joy of getting my driver's license in California. I already have an Australian driver's license but that doesn't apply here. I've written a couple of blog posts about my experiences and giving as many tips as possible.

But I was wondering how you fared with the process? Did you like it? Was it difficult? Did you get any unpleasant surprises?

If you wan to check out what I went through:

Your Australian driver license (like most foreign drivers licenses) is valid for 3 months in California. After that, you need to get a California driver license if you established residency in the state of California.
I don't know about the process to obtain a driver license in Australia, but compared to Europe, obtaining a driver license in California is very easy and completely inexpensive. The only hassle is the long lines at the DMV in California. When I lived in Tennessee, there were only 3 people in front of me at the drivers license administration, nothing compared to California. :)

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