Smartcard for Newborn

hi, I am an Indian Married to a Bahraini woman. However I do not have an RP of Bahrian I work in Al Khobar and have the RP of Saudia but I live in Bahrain.
We have a new born son who was born in Bahrain, and after a lot of formalities we finally have got his Indian Passport.
I would like to know how do I proceed with applying for Smartcard. Each time i apply online on i get the feedback no passport info for entered personal number.
My question is do i have to go somewhere to update my sons passport information? or is this done by the indian embassy?
any help will be deeply appriciated.

I guess you can try contacting who could advise your what you could do next. This is something new to me. I am sure if someone else has more info they would reply back
Good luck


That's strange.  if your son was born in Bahrain then the temporary CPR number should be on the birth certificate that you must have gotten from the Ministry?

The next step is to get a residence permit.  If you can't sponsor your son as you are not resident; your wife can.  This is where the passport information is entered.

The last step is to apply for the smart card.

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