Any advice on researching work abroad while I'm still living in Dublin

Hi, my name is Karen and I currently live and work in Dublin. My boyfriend and I are moving to Belgium next year. We are really looking forward to the move but I'm slightly worried about finding work similar to my current role. I currently work as a company secretary in a large insurance company and I am hoping to get similar work in Belgium. My boyfriend works in construction so he doesn't mind what city we move to. I have checked the jobs section here and I couldn't find anything for a company secretary - any advice on researching work abroad while I'm still living in Dublin? The move is ages away but I'd like to be prepared :) Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

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In the meantime, you read the Work in Belgium article of the Expat Guide so that to gather as much information as possible.

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I think you will find that a company structure and set up is quite different in Belgium.

You will almost certainly have to be fluent or near fluent in French and Flemish too. When I moved here, people told me that "ah, all the people in Belgium speak English, don't worry". (1) That's not true, (2) working here is more often than not, not in English - why would be it and I don't expect it to be and (3) for the best integration results, it's obviously better to speak at least one of the official languages.

I really struggled when I arrived, so took time off to learn some French. But job wise, I'm fortunate to work on the internet, within e-commerce, so I can be anywhere. I work at home but for a UK site. So, ultimately, I failed to find a job here.

I am not trying to put a damper on your move, but I am trying to open your eyes to the situation.... good luck.

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