seeking the position of English speaking language teacher


    I am Sussan, a Nigerian lady, am English speaking language teacher currently move and living in Ho Chi Minh City. I would like to work as a teacher in schools or giving private lessons. 

    I have no degree in teaching but I had been teaching for the pasted five years in kidengarting xz schools in Nigeria.  Also a Part-time teacher and  given private lessons in in Ho Chi Minh City. My major is sociology.

My schedule is really flexible at the moment so it would not be a problem to arrange a time.



Having been an expat in Nigeria, I just wonder if you plan to teach English or Nigerian 'English'

Nigerian English                      English

How Bodi / How You Dey        How are you doing today?
Wetin                                       What
I no no                                     I don’t know
I no sabi                                  I don’t understand
I dey fine                                 I’m fine. I’m doing well.
Wetin dey happen                   What’s going on, What’s happening
No Wahala                              No Problem/Trouble.
Comot!                                    Get out of here!
Comot for road                        Make way
Gi mi                                       Give it to me.
I Wan Chop                             I want to eat
Come chop                             Come and eat

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