Price of Payroll software

I would like to build a software that manages payroll for my business. It needs to print mauritian forms (tax form, TEWF forms etc) as well as payslips for my employees. It doesn't need to record lateness of my staff but should allow me to declare who's been absent on certain days. So my question is as such:
1. Where can I find such a software?
2. Do you use such a software and if so how much is it?
(let me know in as much detail as you wish what are the most important features I should look for in the software, as the more i know the better :) )
Thanks in advance!


I have an HR management company and we use two different types of software.
You'd imagine that I can't give the details here :)

Send me a PM, I'll be glad to send you the details.


Hi Srambaram,

Try to contact Uniconsult. They are the editor of a dedicated payroll software called Sycorax used by most of the Mauritian company.


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I didn't give name and addresses of companies here, to respect the Forum's policy  :/

Hello everyone and thank you all ever so much for your replies. Please bear with me for a week or so, I will certainly get back to each of you. I'm very busy at the moment but rest assured I will contact each of you as well as accept your contact requests :)

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