Colombia Pharmacuetical Firm Re-opening Former Eli Lilly Plant

Colombia drugmaker Biogen to invest $92 million in Puerto Rico

Colombia drugmaker Biogen SAS is investing more than $92 million in Puerto Rico after buying assets that once belonged to Eli Lilly & Co. in the island's southern region.

Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla says the will manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients at the plant in Guayama and employ about 350 people in the next five years.

Garcia said Monday that his administration offered about $2 million worth of incentives as part of the deal.

An increasing number of health care companies are investing in Puerto Rico as the U.S. territory seeks to boost its manufacturing sector amid a 10-year economic slump.

That is a small number of new jobs specially when spread to a 5 year period. But........ we have to start somewhere.

Yes, it is a small number of jobs. But when one big, influential and viable company starts investing, others will wonder why that company sees something they don't and follow suit. That's how economic psychology works.

This is good news for the Guayama area. I t will help upgrade the infrastructure in southeast PR,as the companr will no doubt require twenty first century technology. Be Aware, CLARO! Shape up or ship out!

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