Marriage in Qatar

Hi, Gooday everyone Im chona, from philippine. Im a filipina and have fiancee his albanian his country of origin is from France. Now we are both living and working here in Qatar. We are both new here in Qatar. Our plan is to get marry here in Qatar. We are not living together in the same house as it is not allowed here. I live with the company accom. And same as him. So thats why we are planning to get marry here and start our life together here in this country.

So my questions are;
1. Is it possible that filipina and western guy and with diff. Religion can get marry here in qatar? Where to go nd who do we need to talk for consultation?
2. If ever we can get marry? What to do? What are the things needed? To compile those papers needed?

Hopefully, i can get an answer about our will be very much appreciated with me and my fiancee for those people who can at least share their infos. & knowledge Regarding with this. As we both dont have any ideas about the law or rules here in Qatar. Looking forward for all your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Thank you,
Chona & Ram

1st of all worm congrats & May god full ur days wz happienes & love.
I think u should ask the immigration authority or send ur question online  throught hokoumi website
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Hi romio, thanks for ur greetings..yeah'  will try also that one.

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you should visit courts in al sadd, first floor there is reception, they can give you all required papers, i guess you have no problem by law, but its a matter of required papers ..
there is 2 courts, the one front of barwa bank or the blue saloon, and the big one in jwaiaan street (i think this one the supreme and criminal) start with the one front of blue saloon

best wishes and blessed new life ..

Hello, May I know if there is any update regarding the topic in the thread?

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