playa Limon property.

Hallo from Chicago,
Last year we bought property on Playa Limon,Miches.
We are planning to build a House and retire in DR.
In January we got title for the Land and thru our realtor we found Surveyor to mark the Property and some people to build a fence around our property(custom in DR).
People who own the Land behind us told our Realtor that they own our Property and knocked out fence and markers done by Surveyors.
We went back to our Lawyer and for a lot of $$$$$ she got us extra Permit to build Fence...and some other papers to from local government and from federal government in Santo Domingo.
Local police and Coast guard told us they will protect us but they didn't....Fence and markers ended up in the Ocean again.
Now,...our Lawyer ask for a lot more $$$$$ to get us Armed police assistance to do that.
First we do not have Money to pay her and second we do not like  to  start our life in DR and people next to us with Armed force.
We hire another Lawyer and he check all our Paper and they are all LEGAL and CLEAR.
He ask for about same $$$$$ like firs Lawyer to sue people and we don't even know way we have to sue them.
We  are from Bosnia and Hercegovina and we left our first Country 20 year ago because we didn't lake to fight and have armed force around as and our Kids.
I didn't even tell them we are having same problem in DR....
I don't speak Spanish yet so I have hard time talking to local government and local people about my problem......Any suggestion?
Thank you .

So sad, another guy who didn't do his 'due diligence' in a property scam.  Happens all the time.

Well that was not helpful comment.

It will take money to sort this out I am sorry to say. You need a lawyer who can explain things to you so you understand what you are getting into and it sounds like you need to be here!!!

We warn people constantly about this being a bit of the wild wild west! Only deal with reputable realtors and lawyers. Do your homework ahead of time. Know what you are getting into!

You might want to contact one of the biggest law firms in the country (they have actually written a lot of the real estate laws).  They actually have and office in las terrenas.  When we were involved in selling real estate (as well as our own purchases) we used them and to this day they still handle our real estate here.
It is Guzman and Associates
They are a bit expensive but in this case you do get what you pay for.

Bob K

Thank you for your post, I was planning to buy a property in DR......but, I am going to reconsider now : ((((((, I am sorry.

I'm sorry too...

Thank you Bob.......I will check them out too.

Thank you planer......

Good luck

Bob K

I know this probably isn't much help to you, but I am very sorry to hear that you are having this problem.  I would agree that this is not a good way to start you're new life in another country.  Based on my very limited experience in the DR, I can attest to two things.  One, Bob and Planner do know what they are talking about, and two, it is extremely important to know who you are dealing with.  I would not trust anyone without somehow or another being connected to them by someone I knew I could trust, and even then, I would probably check it out with more than one source.  As Planner said, the DR is a bit of the Wild West, which is one of the things I find attractive about it, but at the same time, to a large extent, you're on your own and that's all the more reason to be extra vigilant.  Again, so sorry to hear of your troubles.

I would recommend title insurance if your not 100% clear or confident that what your paying for is not clear and free, just because your realtors says it is do not trust them.

Good point. Stuart Title is available here.

Our second Lawyer check all our papers  and they are all legal........

We also recommend Guzman and Associates.  I hope it all works out for you!

Hi Planer,
What exactly Stuart  title can do for us and what is Title insurance in DR?
Thank you,Sabira

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