bought a property in Bulgaria near Varda about 10 years ago

Hi, my sister bought a property to renovate near varna, cash, a good few years ago and after 2 years got into financial difficulty in the uk and had to stop going out there. Therefore she didn't pay any of the local taxes etc for a long time. She is now renting a place near Burgas and I keep asking her why she doesn't just finish off the other house and live in it or sell it. She is scared and worried that as she hasn't paid any of the utilities on it for so long that she would be in big trouble etc. She bought it at the time you had to be a company to buy property. What can she do about this problem. ???Thanks for your time in replying.

I would assume it will be just the multiplicity tax that is payable to the councils, this tends to be a small fee, and although a penalty fine might occur it may well be rather minimal, as for other utilities you only pay as you use so if the water and electric have been switched off or remained unused as the house is empty then there should be no actual bills there too?
Obviously though a house after 10 years a house standing empty will be in some state of repair and renovation, why not inquire about the tax owing and then tidy up and sell as is " A renovation project "?
Good luck to you and your sister.
Regards Steve.

Thank you so much for your reply, hopefully it will help her and push her to do something with it and about it !

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