Are there opportunities? Any tip and advice is welcome

Hey guys,

I'm a 26 old guy from germany, currently working in a chemical company doing the logistics, customs issues and stock plan for about 12 customers (SEA and Middle EAST).

For quite some time I'm playing with the thoughts of living some time (3-6 months) in a foreign country.
I'd like have work abroad experience and get to know the culture and work habit of Vietnam.

My question: are there oppurtunities for me to do an internship or some kind of short term job in Vietnam?

I have no bachelor degree, I did my A-Level at high school, and some time later I started a commercial education as an insutrial clerk. I did several internships in Germany. Regarding my curent job, english is my daily language.

Thanks for any advice.

You might have a better chance if you worked for a German company that would put you on a temporary posting in Vietnam.  I had a private at-home student who worked in corporate training at Bayer.  He was close enough to the top that he met maybe weekly with the German country head using English to communicate.  At your educational level you would be competing for direct hire with college educated, English speaking locals.

I have read elsewhere, and observed in other postings here, that Common Market countries tend to move people into many technical and non-management white collar occupations with advanced vocational training rather than academic degrees.  In fact, many are now advocating the same for the US.  The problem for such Europeans is that Vietnam is using the university model for credentialing.  In fact, I believe that Vietnam has more people with Bachelors degrees than the economy can fully absorb.

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