Need USA Visa

Hi Dears, i am Pakistani Citizen and i want to work in USA and need visa kindly if any one help me to get work in USA and visa.

The job of president is open at the moment but I believe you must be born in the US for that job.
I would suggest vice president but both candidates seem to have plenty of vices already.

Zsbutt, Fred’s reply is sarcasm. Not really helpful but also understandable due to your post. This site is not a place to beg. Nobody is going to just give you a job or visa or sponsor you. That’s not how it works. What we offer is advice. If you say clearly what you want to do, what your education and qualifications are, your citizenship etc. then we can try to give some helpful hints. Immigrating anywhere is more likely to work if you have desired skills, speak the language and have no criminal record. The strength of one’s desires to go someplace is not really pertinent.

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