I will be in Bangkok Thailand from 13 November and will initially stay short term and also visit Chang Mai. I am looking for a place to stay for initially 1-3 months. I would appreciate any tips on places to avoid for various reasons e.g. flood prone areas, high crime rate, drugs, gangs etc.

I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.



Soi 4 in Nana Plaza is for bars, gogo girls and so on. Right on the other side of the main road (sukhumvit) in a small area, it is like to be in saudi arabia with a lot of arab shops and covered women. Very strange for me. I didnt feel any danger to be there. I felt very safe, but very strange combination.

In terms of Chiang Mai, if you are traveling within the next few months, you are past the flood season. In terms of going out and places to avoid, my personal experience is that there are no problems. Since you are a tourist, staying in the tourist area (which is largest enough)
(I have a home in the Phoenix area, which I rent out during the snow bird season and live in Chiang Mai. I return to take care of business and respite.)

I have traveled and live in Thailand. I own a condo in a very safe area of Pattaya near Jomtiem Beach. I have been going to Thailand for over 10 years and I have never had a problem. Yes there are places to avoid and may be a problem. But I have been mostly all over Bangkok and Pattaya and never had any issues. If you rent a motor bike or car; be aware of the traffic laws. The police will stop you and fine you for no helmet, speeding, no license, and parking in the no parking areas. I have rode my Motor bike in Pattaya at 4 AM and I never had any issues. Now if you do get pulled over by a policeman or check point; be advised to be polite and courteous. Arguing will only land you in more trouble and a larger fine. If you don't want to rent a motor bike or a car; there are plenty of taxis, and shuttles that will take you and from your destination. In Pattaya; they have great beaches, shopping malls and street shopping. Many Thai and foreign  restaurants, hotels and condos to rent. Go to Airbnb and check all the prices. I do rent my condo which is in a great complex and close to markets, restaurants and the beach. It is rented out from 15th of December until the 15th of February. If you are looking now or after the 15th of February, let me know. As for Bangkok; go to Sukumvit Road around 11th to 15th Soi. Good hotels and great location to both Soi Cowboys on Sio 4 and Sio 23. Great mall at Terminal 21. Excellent mall for shopping. movies, and restaurants. Also close to Skytrain and Metro. Also on Sukumvit road you will find open market vendors. Take the Sky Train or Taxi to Sio 55 to 59 (not sure of the actual street number; but it's a new cool are to eat and party with friends or date.

Good Luck, enjoy and have fun.


hi .. thanks for your comments...  I prefer to stay within reasonable walking distance to a BTS station as that would make travelling simpler... I cant take the bus as I dont read signs om Thai scripts.. etc.
also not a lot of locals speak or understand English ... I will also check out Chang Mai ...  Where is the Tourist area... ?
Cheers Joh

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