Advice on moving and living in Malaysia?!

Hey all,

Here's my situation:

My name is Hamsik and I'm American citizen  looking for much advice and help.  I'm getting married in May 2017. My fiancée and I wil be spending 3 months of that summer in either KL or Penang. Both my fiancée and I are college students right now and we'll both graduate the following May in 2018 after we come back from our honeymoon. My plan is if we really like Malaysia on the honeymoon trip in 2017 (which I think we will) we want to move abroad to Malaysia completely after we graduate in 2018. I'm majoring in Management Information Systems and she's a French / English teacher with a Celta.

How realistic is it to get jobs in Malaysia before we graduate? What salary range could western graduates with not much experience expect? I could do any business IT roles and she obviously wants to teach English or French.

Any advice or info would be appreciated.


Hey Hamsik. Great to hear you'll be visiting Malaysia and even considering staying here later on.   :)

For you, the IT world is pretty big, so it really depends on your skills and interests. I should note that you can't expect to open/start a business/company under your name without some local partner or something. Not unless/until you at least have a PR.

As for your wife, it'll probably be really easy. Plenty of international schools here who would welcome her and probably even more local government schools that would.

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