Advices to a Singaporean planning a move to Paris!?

I am a Singaporean, currently considering moving to Paris in order to teach. I am just wondering what are the things i need to consider or take note of getting a job and to plan ahead in order to make my transition from Singapore to Paris a smooth one. Looking forward to some great advice! :)

most importantly prepare your French, because English is not too important when you live in France especially if you want to work here

Thank you Angeliccute! Your advice is much appreciated. :)

Hi there!

What kind of visa will you be coming in?

I'd also recommend trying to find work BEFORE you  arrive as it can take quite a while and being workless in Paris if you don't have the funds can be especially discouraging.

Hi Sagal88, thank you so very much for your advice, yes, i completely agree with you that I should find a job before coming and I am in the process of that. Keeping my fingers crossed. :) thank you so very much once again for your message. It is very much appreciated. :)

That's great! Best of luck to you! 😊

Thank you, Sagal88! :)

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