Short interview: nose job


my name is Christine. I'm a German journalist.
I write an article about ideals of beauty in Iran. And It would be great if somebody could help me with some informations about nose surgery.
I'm looking for a women who just tell me a little bit about her expirience.

- Why is a perfect nose so important for iran women?
- How expensive is it?
- In which age your normally do this?
- Do you have to fear complications?
- Is it true that women like to wear the tape on the nose  much longer than necessary?
- Is a "new" nose a kind of status symbol?

It would be great if I get an answer. Thank you so much. Christine

Hi Christine,

Welcome on board  :)

Feel free to drop an advert in the Iran classifieds under the testimonies section of the website. Your ad will benefit from more visibility and interested members will be able to contact you directly.

All the best,

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