Photography walk?

It's been a while since I've been out and about taking pictures, but it's time to dust off my equipment and get going again!

It would sure be a whole lot more fun if a couple of people would join in. Anyone interested? I'd be more than happy to share what I know and share my equipment if needed.

I'm thinking it should be early morning 5-8 am on weekends, but completely open to suggestions.

*Raises hand*
Please post the meeting point and date(s).

Hey Faze,
I was planning on posting the same thing once the weather got cooler and since the switch seemed to get hit yesterday, I'm up for it.
If you or whoever, would like to take advantage of late afternoon light---and can't get out of bed that early on a weekend, feel free to PM me your number so we can actually talk...
I had an exhibition of my travel photos at Bayt Lothan Gallery a while back and have even considered creating 'pop-up' art events here in Salmiya where I live, now that it's finally nice to be outside...
Happy hunting...

Just in time! I finally took my rig out last night to the fire works show and took some long exposures.

Let's plan something soon and go have a nice session, I am open to all kinds of photography but I have been wanting to try here is go to one of the spots that have some migrating birds or a nice sunrise/set time lapse with the ocean or the city line as a back drop!

I am also into street photography as well, nothing beats getting lost with your camera

lets discuss what everyone enjoys and organize a meet up guys!



why dont u hit two birds with one stone; the next few weekends will witness Kuwaits full sports calendar - runq8 is happening next week near Marina Mall salmiya and the weekend after that you have the 642 marathon starting at souq sharq -

i would suggest, if you want to get your name out there, attend these events, take pics, share on social media, tag the event and the organizers :)

plus u'll make runners like me very happy who love to run in costume :P

Great idea...
What are the exact dates and start times for the events?

@Legacy, could you please post the schedules of the events you mentioned, or please send me the links through inbox. Thanks! :)

runq8 - link
642 marathon - link\

runq8 is on this saturday - i think the start time is 7:30AM or 8 if im not mistaken, at scientific center.

if you go there, look for the guy dressed as a villain from the Flash TV series, i've changed  my theme from hero to villain coz they look cooler :P

@Legacy, I work on that day. Going to miss it :sosad:
Pls post other upcoming events here whenever you can. Thanks

Hi.. I just started taking pictures for particular in seaside area. Im doing it alone. i will be happy to join you and possible teach me some techniques regarding Photography... Happy New Year

Hi...I m also interesting  on let me have your number...

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