How do you deal with car accident in Malaysia?

As titled, I would like to understand how expats/foreigners deal with car accidents (minor ones which I assume quite often to happen), what does one need to do? call the police? photo of damage? photo of drivers license? Any sharing of experience or advice are appreciated.  I guess we need to have some knowledge about this before hitting the crazy roads here. Thanks!

You will need to snap some pictures and within 24 hours of the accident lodge the accident with the traffic police in KL. You will be able to present your claim to the insurer only once the Police issues its report (They will issue it withon 48 hours)

If you are involved in an accident, you should always get a copy of other person's driving licence, name and phone number. Go to the nearest police station and lodge a report, this will be needed for insurance purposes.  However, it has been known that often drivers do not have insurance and are not contactable when called a few days later. It happened to a friend. If the damage is minor just settle it.

There is two thing that you need to remember: POLICE REPORT & INSURANCE.

The first thing to do is never let any tow trucks to take your car to their partner workshop. You should contact your insurance provider to check whether their workshop is a registered panel under your insurance provider. Also, you can check with your insurance for the nearest authorised (panel) workshop to maximise the amount of claim that you can get.

Next, file a report at the nearest police station (to the scene). For that purpose, you need the details of the offender / victim such as driving license, car plate number and model, also the area in which the accident is happening,  which you suppose to state later on inside your report.

After the report is filed, you will be called for an interview with an inspector. In my case, it happened on the same day. This report is needed for insurance claiming procedure as well.

After interview, you will be asked to purchase the result of your case for few ringgits. I was asked to pick it few days later which I never did (because I didn't get any update after I left the police station). Shall you are the offender, you will be contacted within a week (I guess ; I was a victim last time, didn't get any calls).

That's the end to the story.

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