Advice about schools for teenagers

Hi Does anyone have kids from ages of 14 to 18 in Cascais area or Lisbon who can advise about schools i am looking for a school which has a good selection of IGCSE's and A levels and which is a good school. C an anyone recommend.


Please have a look on the website below. They are based in Cascais and in Odivelas (Lisbon). Perhaps you can get more detailed information from them too.    (Cabo da Roca International English School)

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St Julian ( is the best alternative, located between Cascais and Lisbon.

As far as I know, it is quite expensive for the country (not compared to the UK...). We heard that as a result, the selection criteria seems to be whether the family can afford more than the level of the students, even in English.

Our children are much younger (so we have a greater choice for their age), but we seriously consider to send them to a boarding school in France or in the UK for secondary school.

You may also consider homeschooling with a tutor.

There is also an american school, a french school, an evangelical school and other alternatives.


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