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Asslam alaikum
I need some information  regarding  foreign money exhange,  actually i want to convert Indian rupess to saudi riyal,  do they do here in jeddah as iam in need.If they do where and what are the legal procedure like id  ards etc  i don't  have bank account as of now i just moved here in jeddah.Waiting for answers.Your help will be appreciated. Thanks

wa alaykumus salaam

usually the exchange places will do it for you, when i didn't have an iqamah i exchanged it in makkah in the clock tower, bottom floor

Wslam.. go to al amoudi exchange! They generally get you a good exchange rate.

JazakhAllah  bro for repky,  Allah bless you. Take care

JazakhAllah  bro,  your answer is much appreciated. Allah bless you. Take cRe

depending on amount amoodi exchange may require ID, usually small amounts they don't bother, also they need a valid cell phone number so they might ask for iqama.

Asslam alaikum,  thanks for your reply. Bro valid number in the sense. Can you briefly explain it. It will be helpful. JazakhAllah

Salamu Alaikom,
you can do that at Al-Hilwani Co. Money Send & Currency Exchange in Al Nahdah Al Hadithah, the address:  Al-Rawdah, Jeddah 23432. they normally ask for I.D. and you don't need a bank account.

Or at Alamoudi Exchange Company, Address: Qabel Trail, Al-Balad, Jeddah 22233.

walaikum assalam thanks for yout reply,  appreciate  it. JazakhAllah


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