Looking for a job in any part of indonesia

Please give me information about the job opportunities all over indonesia.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

This all depends on your skill set.
If you have specialist skills that aren't available from the Indonesian workforce, you have the potential to get a job assuming you can find an employer who wants you.
If you have no such skills, your changes are zero.

Well thats right, i got few skills but not to the expert level

If that is the case, you have to forget the possibility of legal work in Indonesia as you have zero chance of a work permit.
Illegal work is a very bad idea.

I am not thinking to work illegal work, have experience also

Perhaps you could details the types of jobs you feel you're suitable for, but don't bother listing any unskilled or semi skilled work as there is no hope of a work permit for any of these.

IT security, malware analysis, networking

jazzi.pisces :

IT security, malware analysis, networking

I'm unfamiliar with these fields, but a quick google search for such jobs here shows advertisers posting in English, but aiming at Indonesians.
All require a degree in the appropriate field, but none mention hiring foreigners.

It seems the skills you mentioned are available from the local workforce, but you might want to send your CV to local companies in case you drop on to a firm that is having trouble recruiting locally.

You should be aware, these companies will only hire you if you have very special skills they need as the work permit, KITAS and general messing about is expensive and costly.

Well if that is the case, then you need to be specific about what it is you want to do and where. The job market for expats is extremely difficult to enter unless you have a specific skill that is needed to improve Indonesia that an Indonesian does not possess. If you are looking for work, one of the most useful places to start would be your home country's embassy in Indonesia and ask them.

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