Is this a decent work proposal? need advice about UAE job market

Hello and good morning to all of you our group members. Hope you all are good

Dear all I need some suggestions from you that I was applied for a job in a property real estate in dubai as a leasing consultant and business development executive and now they select me  through skype interview and offered me an iterim job  offer in which they said they will hire me for a three months probation period with 4300 aed salary+commission+cash bonus+include all like accomodatit alowance etc on achieving a 10000 aed business target in a month and after probation they will make me a permanent employee of their company or estate but the confussion is that befor the completion of probation period they didn't give me visa or airfare after the successful completion of probation they will make me a permanent employee of their company or estate and provide me everything like visa medical facilities etc...

So as am right now in Pakistan so I have not enough experience about the uae market rules and regulations so thats why am asking from you for a suggestion that should I accepted this offer or not?

Is this a good opportunity to make a good care in Dubai especially in the field of property real estate?

I am waiting for a good and fair suggestion from someone in a of you who can solve this confusion for me.

Thanks and Regard
Waqas younas
From sialkot Pakistan

The offer in itself isn't too bad.

However, the terms of employment are illegal under the law.

The employer has to provide you with a valid work visa in order to be able to legally work in the UAE. If you are caught working illegally you will be deported and the employer fined.

Additionally, your probation period (either 3 or 6 months) only comes into effect from the commencement of your labor contact.

Is the company who is offering you a registered and legal business?

Try and Google the details they provided you with (telephone numbers etc.) to check.

Dear Brother,
Rules are very strictly mainitained in this beautiful country.
You can not work, THEY can not let you work in their company without providing you a valid Visa. And how can you stay here without a visa? you have to renew visa on your on spending 1000 and they provide just 4300 excluding food, shelter, transportation etc?
Also, HOW can they give you 4300 per month when you get just mere 10000 target?
or is it a mistake you forgot a zero? 100000?
If you want to get a good job here you better come with a visit visa and try for walk in interviews
UAE never send any candidate back with tears on cheeks. Every body gets job here only if you are hard working, clean habbits, decent , educated and work experience with a polite and smiling approach, more over, self confidence and Determined.
All the best. Come with a smile. Its good season now. DSF is coming, Tourist season is coming.

yes dear, i contact them on their website and Phone Number which they were give me in the offer letter and they are legal agent in the UAE but am too much confused whether i should accept the job offer and should go there on my own self or should rejected them due to some reasons i.e they did not give me visa, or airfare etc..they said they will give me 4300 aed salary+25% commission on achieving the monthly target of 10000 aed.
I don't know about the target of 10000 aed whether it is easy to achieve in the field of property real estate in UAE or tough.
Thanks for your advice

Thank you soo much dear,
You are really so sweet and a good problem solver but i want to share with you that my Qualification is bachelor of commerce which i was completed in 2013 and after that i have almost got 1 year experience in accounts department as a assistant accountant and then i left this job due to some personal issues and start working as a warehouse incharge in a well reputed company and now i have 2 years of working experience as a warehouse/store incharge in a furniture manufacturing brand/company in pakistan but i am not satisfied with my salary and current situation of my family which are not going good now a days and that is the reason i want to move somewhere else, where i can earn some good amount and make my future better then present.
Now after writing this whole story i want to know from you that is this qualification and experience are enough to get a good job in UAE with this qualification and experience?
I will follow the instructions and suggestions which you give me after reading my whole story. I am sharing my worries with you as i know you are good and fair man and i am sure you will give me some good and helpful ideas about UAE job market as you are living their and you have all the experience about the market.
Again Thanks and waiting for your response!
                                                    Have a good day to you....
Waqas Younas

Dear Brother,
First of all, in a property field, reaching a target of 10000 Dirhams is not a big task . Since UAE has a very great future and Expo 2020 is coming, Very beautiful , record breaking buildings, towns, parks, Free zones, manufacturing , distributing, Import Export business is booming.
Dubai and all Emirates are aiming at a bright future and financially sound basement.
2 Here your bachellors degree or what you have studied is not important, Here the Employer wants you to be perfect in the work, know what you do, dedication, determination is must. No lazy things. The payment here ( salary) is defenitly great and you can live happily and send money home.
You chose the best country to visit for work. If you abide the rules, be a good expat, then you will be smiling all the time
So come if you like, with a visit visa, and search for job, you can also search for job there in Gulf news and other on line medias still its always better you be here because the clients may want you for interview and talk in person.
Once again, if you know your work, if you are confident , if you are determined , if you trust in yourself, United Arab Emirates will make you smile because I am here 12 years and I am proud to be here , really I do not want to leave this beautiful country with GREAT DEDICATED LEADERS, and Very Decent Polite  Citizens.
Welcome .
Any advise you need just reply /ask me I give you sincere reply

Thank you so much dear Nandu, you are soo sweet my all prayers and best wishes for you dear I love those persons who really help others and advise,them without any mean, so stay bless forever and GOD bless you thank you again have a nice day brother....will meet you in UAE may be in next month I Will contacted you when I will be pray for me
Waqas younas from Pakistan

Come with a Smile.
Your Indian Brother

Hello... my suggestion is.. send the offer letter to the ministry of labour and report that company.. as the gentlemen says its illegal to work without a visa but unfortunately the real estate companies in dubai are doing this ..well not all but most of them i know coz i work in real estate so report them coz they deserve it.
Wish you the best of luck.

Thank you for your suggestion dear friend, but kindly tell me should I accept this offer letter or not? because You know very well about this job and you have the experience about this field in UAE as you said you are doing this job and also give me the email address of the ministry of labour department of UAE.
Thanks again dear friend....

Dear you can check the ministry of labour online, that's easy.. regarding the job i suggest you to take it ..this is a chance for you to come to UAE so accept the job offer and come over here while you here you can still search for another job and who knows maybe you'll succeed. Make sure you got some saving coz Dubai is an expensive place.
Best of luck.

Okay dear friend thanks for the suggestion, stay bless and have a nice day....

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