setting up PT. Local

Hello everyone

I would like to know what are the exact steps in setting up a PT local in Indonesia specially in Bali, what are the detailed steps in the entire process starting from getting the name approval to the operating licence, and what is the expected time duration for each step?

hope you can help me to understand the details.


Google "Opening a Business in Bali"

What you are asking is far too detailed to be handled on a forum.

Thank you for your reply, google wont give the answer i'm looking for, to be more specific, i'm looking for thr steps any agent will do to set up a PT local company in bali and what time each step takes. Anyway will keep googling


Then why not contact an agent, a notary and the local chamber of commerce in Bali where you are or if in fact you are in Bali then go and ask someone who runs a business.

Thanks for the addition!!

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