Partner's parents can be sponsored ? - Fiance visa denied

HI all,

My fiance visa has denied last friday due to my gf's future income wont meet requirement.  but her previous year income and the other docs met requirement.

is that possible that my partner's parents can be co-sponsored in order to make the future income meets requirement?

Is there any other ways to meet this requirement beside from my gf needs to get new job that pay enough to meet requirement in 3 weeks for appealing.

I'm outside Norway btw.


I read about your situation. Anyways i have applied for a tourist visa 4mos. Ago. But i was wondering if what kind of visa ull applying? Was it for tourist or fiance'?

I was applying for Fiance visa for those who getting married

In my opinion I don't think this is possible. I think the sponsor has to be there person you're moving to Norway to be with. But I don't know for sure.

I  would suggest you call UDI and ask them. But call more than once. A lot of the time one person will give one answer and the next person will give a different answer. If you call early when the lines open you won't wait long at all.

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