Best mobile app to translate English - Vietnamese in your opinion?

Hi expat/local,

I want to ask this for a foreigner:

what do you think is the best mobile app to translate English - Vietnamese?

He showed me an app he's using, but in my opinion, not very correct.

Thank you!

I use google translate for a wide variety of languages; it's far from perfect but it gets the job done reasonably well.

I find Hello-Chao ok, it's not perfect but it's ok.

Thank Fred!

Hi colinoscapee,

May you send me link for this app,
I tried to find it, but it looks like only for Vietnamese wants to learn English,
not for foreigner wants to learn Vietnamese.

try this one...

I use one called Learn Vietnamese.  This is ok for basic words and phrases.  I'm using an audio book by Pimsleur to learn the language basics and it's quite good.

I find that generally Google translate mangles translations either way between English and Vietnamese. I do use it from sometimes to get the gist of a long newspaper article, before deciding whether to read the original Vietnamese myself.

I use google translate, most Vn people can read the translation very good, 1 con vit nuong xin vui long, I grilled duck please ( xin loi, its in English not tieng viet). Just installing firefox addon , will let you know if it is good

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