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Hi what's the fastest way to be with my dutch bf.I'm single mom we want to be together  soon. Is it marrying me here in the Philippines or in the Netherlands.  Or fiance visa is the best option?Can I bring my kid with me?
Thanks for your response.

Hi It doesnt matter if you are married or not as long as you have all the documents needed, specially the financial status of your bf is enough as what requires of IND and proof of your relationship. On my case, we got married here in Philippines and the total process of my application including the Inburgering exam took less than 3months. Yes you can always bring your kids with you. A friend of Mine who also got everything processed and now already in NL  and she's not married to her bf. So for sure you can always apply as long as you all have the requirements needed. Goodluck!!!

Thanks for the response ma'am but I have more questions like what is ind and where can I get these information.In trying to help my bf find the information. Thanks

IND is the website in which you can get all the information in applying MVV's the address where you from btw? You can also check this out … g-stay-mvv and

Feel free to ask :)

I recently gave the civic integration exam here in dubai and awaiting the results. Its been over 3 weeks since i appeared for the exam. Can someone tell me pls how long does it take for the results to come and once the results are here and if i pass then how long does it take for the MVV? My gf is dutch citizen

I'm from the Philippines ma'am
Thanks for being generous:)

Hi, I replied you at the other Thread. As what advised by DUO you'll receive it within 8weeks but depend also cos mine only took 6weeks and 1day but some get it 4weeks. For the MVV application,  not all are the same cos still depend from person to person and depending on their situation. As long as you all have the requirements needed and everything are well organized and fees are paid right away then sometimes processing is fast. Mine only took 17days to have my application gets approved. Others get it in 2 months.

thanks. and would you recommend me attaching all old transcripts like emails between my gf and myself, any holidays taken together etc when she applies for my mvv in holland? does that usually help?

yes, i have heard the same from others too. also, generally how much does your partner need to be earning per month to be able to sponsor you? or can the partner show sufficient bank balance to meet monthly expenses and this will be enough for mvv approval?

Hi vikram!Yes proof of relationship is one of the requirements and better to send them proof as many as possible,like emails,letters,tickets,pictures and etc. For the Financial status of your partner, if I am not mistaken its around 1,500 to 2,000euro/month and bank saving is not necessary. All the requirements can be seen at the website i gave you. Goodluck! Have you taken the Inburgering exam?

Hi Hello.  I am  from Philippines and my bf is hungarian but he is working there in Netherland for a 6 years alrrady. He got his own apartment there  and he wants me to go there. And he told me that we must try the MVV and I have no idea about this. How can I apply for a MVV and what is the documents that I need to prepared?

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