Insights needed!? Filipina want to marry Hindu boy.

Hi I am a filipina and dating an indian guy, I met him here in the philippines last year. He was sent here as a consultant for a project that lasted for 10 mons. though I met him online I didnt expect that we will be seeing more of each other as time goes on.

Fast forwarding to 5 mons later, he needed to go back as his project was ending. We didnt talk about our feelings though we agree to still keep in touch. Im still confused because I told him Im having feelings for him and he said that if only his parents will allow him to marry non Hindu girl he will marry me.

Now im still hoping that things will change but im starting to think that what if that time wont come for us. I like him alot since we know each other well and we have a good thing going. But now im having second thoughts about us. Should I give up on this guy or should I continue waiting?

I just want to hear some insights for other couples that are going thru the same situation as mine.

Talk to him and ask him to talk to his parents.  I don't think that modern Indian parents are as rigid as he is trying to portray to you. There are many liberal Indian parents who are traditional but allow their kids to marry other nationalities or religion without much ado.
My uncle's friend is an Indian doctor who married an Ukrainian. His family is extremely Hindu orthodox but after initial objections, the guy married the girl and the parents are happy as well.
So, you never know. It can be a mixed bag. As long as you treat your Indian inlaws with utmost respect and be just like their daughter, you should not have a problem with nationality or religion. Mutual respect matters a lot. The reason a lot of Indian parents are skeptical are because they fear they would be mistreated by a foreign daughter-in-law. This applies even to the non resident Indian brides.

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Dear, I am an Indian and a Hindu guy(as I am forced to call it like such, though we are the same children of this mother earth and the same father this whole universe) and I desperately want to get married with my Brazilian counterpart and she is also dying to marry me and our mothers have already shown the green flag for us way back 4 years ago only, though we both of us are not financially capable that's why this is the only reason which is keeping us apart, that's why we have found the easiest and cheapest way to get married and obtain Visas of either countries.. Now as for your matter what I think you have mentioned about your own intentions here but not accurately about that guy that what he wants exactly, if he is giving an excuse of his family that IF THEY ALLOW THEN ONLY, then I advise first you ask him that he must convince his parents and make them agree for both of you and if still he gives the same advise then you just let it go because it will be sure that he do not want to marry you at all.
There is a reason behind this and this is true as well that in comparison with others any marriage in Hindus which is done by arrangement of both parties parents and performed as per their tradition last for their whole life and their do not come the question of Divorce(even disputes are settled by either families) at all that's why just for this that Guy might be having the doubt that whether his marriage with you will even last long for the whole life by thinking that you will not set and compatible  in between them and their culture and tradition and at last you will just leave and divorce him..

Follow your instinct

If you love each other truly, trust in God and go ahead full speed .

Always remember, Love is never easy.

But it's worth the effort!!!

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