Organisations or Clubs for English speaking Expats.

Hi there, I am considering accepting a job in Alexandria but I want to know if I will be connected or not. I would like to find a women's club or a sailing club, or a business group, something to get involved and have fun with others. Do you know what Expat clubs there are I can join? I would be near El Rami or Sidi Bushr Neighbourhoods. Also is the Corniche near there and is it a nice safe walk and how long is it?  I do love to walk every day after work.
Thank you so much,

Hi Daffy,

I believe you got a good opportunity for having a diffrent lifestyle rather than your normal routine.

Alex. Is the second biggest city after Cairo about 200km far from it. It's considered a metropolitan area since romans were here.

As such, they always absorb expats of many races especially Italians and Greek. Who happens to live there until now.

Yes, you will find grouping there while for mere expats I doubt. While all clubs there like sporting and Smoha clubs are well established ones. Another elite group near by Sidi Bisher is the cars club.

Cornish is adjacent to Sidi Bisher and walking on it is a breath taking experience. While you should be wearing a moderate sport wear not to attract attention, Egyptians like to stare.

That's from the top of my head, happy to elaborate more if needed.

Best of luck.

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