Self- employment in Taiwan

I have worked in many Buxibans, and public schools in Taichung. There is more variety in the Buxibans, as to age, locality, content and flexibility. The public schools pay well, but I get bored easily. Many expats opened restaurants, with limited results and these were marriages to locals Being single, I cannot say that it would be easier or more difficult for a single adult, as I contemplated opening a Buxiban but didn't pursue it for many reasons. It has changed much in the four or five years I was there; a testament to the fluidity of the political process and the sincere attempt to supply the people with their respective needs, something the US could pick up on, for sure!
       Taichung reminded me of the seventies wherein it was mostly male dominated and a lot went on under the table (many cash jobs). All in all I believe there are many opportunities and speaking ( with the limited perspective of a single career) from an education standpoint, it was head and shoulders above the US system. First, the respect for Teachers and education is all encompassing. Second, the Parents are very active in the discipline and focus required for success, across many spectra. Third, the AVAILABILITY and cost of education far surpasses what I have seen at home.
       Business, I've had a few. Attitude, money and a networking would be most helpful for a new endeavor. Just don't forget the these people are driven, smart, disciplined, highly spiritual and although no more perfect or imperfect from other people I have encountered in my life, like the country side, soil or culture, I consider it fertile ground! Good Luck and be fearless, James A. Smith

All it takes is one good idea. You can introduce anything form your former country and it will spread like wild fire. If you are a foodie. You can start with a food cart. You can place it in an area near office businesses. I am not sure about the licensing. Even if it is an item you want to sell. You can sell it on line. I have seen it all. I have seen men selling homemade sausages. Girls selling clothes and handbags on line. Good luck.

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