Applying for US visa,

Dear friends,

I would like to get some information in order to apply for US visa,

I am working in Technical trainers college in Riyadh, as a coordinated deans office,

I have been to 9 different countries, on the other hand, I  also rejected twice from US embassy,

The reason behind this message is, I need your suggestion, as I already third time  scheduled my interview date in the US embassy in Riyadh,

Before year nd half, I was rejected the second time as a trouist visa, however this time I am accepted to be part of 5 days educational conference  in Hawaii, starts from January 1-5, 2016,

So how much the chances this time to be granted with Us visa,

Now I am married and have 9 months old daughter, a part form that I have my big family back at home in Pakistan, my mother my brother and sister, my wife and daughter lives here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

Furthermore, kindly help me to parepare the interview, or Do I need to dressed up on the interview day or normal as usual jeans and shirt,

Any kind of suggestions will be highly appreciated,

Kind regards,


Hi Faisal > you may also try to post your questions on the USA forum.

Best of luck,

Hello Faisal ,
Sorry to know your application has been rejected twice , usually it doesnt look this tough to get a trourist visa and they just ask few simple questions like where did you travel before ? where you going to visit in the US ( to ans this , you shd know well where you going and the tourist places to visit in that area ) .... regarding the dressing on the day of interview , i would least consider this as i saw people wearing jeans and dressed fully casual ..... if you dont look natural then easily guess that ...
also when you fill you application pay attention to the addresses you mention in the US ... like hotel or your relatives address ( if any in the US )
last .... if your family is staying with you in Kingdom and you have applied alone for the US , i can see this the reason of rejection though dont know yet if u applied alone or with family....
Good luck dude , hope you get visa this time and see visit the United States :)
cheers ali

Dear faisal,
All seems well with me,
show strong ties with your residing and home country,
let me send you the list of documents you may prepare just to show strong ties,

1- Company Intro Letter Business
1.1- Hotel booking
1.2- Flight booking   (optional)
1.3- US Plan
2- Bank Details
3- Invitation Letter and Payments - Office card attach with any photocopy
4- Training details
5- Vacations Proof
6- Iqama, NICOP, Passport copies of family old and new
7- Insurance card and insurance coverage letter
10- Strong Ties
    1- car, insurance, istimara
    3- financial assistance to family in home country
    4- Friends and families in KSA
    5- Home rent, Gym Subscription,shukran,nitaqat, alfursan rewards
    8- Certification and Degrees
    9- National Tax Registration Certificate - Federal Board of Revenue
    11- Travel History
    12- Investments
11- Previous Visas copy
12 - health Insurance certificate
13 - credit card statement

These are the document I prepared before applying to US tourist visa for the sake of strong ties.

Dear Umair,

Thank you for sharing your experience, just for the safe side, i will prepare all these documents, but the problem is that, Visa officer  did not even look at the documents. the only document he asked last time from me was my passport, and he did not even look at my travel history, i assume if they did not see any changes from the previous rejection they don't want to continue the interview,

I hope this time i will be granted with U.S Bi visa.

I was told once by an authentic person that if you are not married; or married but not going to travel with family, then you have nearly no chance of getting visa. Off course, exceptions are there but very rare.

Actually, You have to tell him/her yourself that "because you rejected my visa last time, so I prepared all my documents this time and brought here with me so that you could have a look at these documents incase you have any doubt"
and you are right they dont ask for any documents other than passport insurance office letter but sometimes they ask, so when you will just keep it with you it will add weight.
Secondly, either you are moving with family or alone, it has no impact on approval, however going alone will have more credibility that you will come back because your family is here, but apply for all of them your wife, child and yours and appear all together, happily, confidently like even if you reject it this time its OK with me :) but dont be over confident.
Your main plus points is, you are married with child.

Try the US consulate in Dhahran. They are MUCH nicer than the embassy in Riyadh.

i can't try from Dhahran or Jeddah, we need to apply from the same city from  where we were  rejected  if we will apply from any other city they will request  to go back and apply from the same city. this is the policy of US embassy, however, if you lived in the different city by the time you were rejected then you have the possibility to choose this opportunity.

if you have been rejected two times, probability is that you can not get the visa the third time or fourth time.

my personal experience, got a US visa from another country, haven't used it for ten year period.  then applied for another visa here in KSA, only three questions asked and got my visa and also for my family.

IOTW, once you got a ''rejected'' status in the system, next application will be the same. Unless they see very compelling reasons to grant you one. Good luck.

Before i was not married, now i am married and blessed with one baby girl. before i applied for B1/B2 visit visa, However, this time i applied for the B1 business visa and approved documents,

To be honest i don't have big hope but never say never and never give up. so lets see what will happened for the third time.

Thank you for wish me luck.

B1/B2 VISA are one when applying.

Why apply for B1 only?

You mentioned you got approval for educational conference.

Did you apply for the educational conference by yourself?
Or is this a company (your employer) initiative/organized conference?  If company, your company HR will help in processing.

Documents required are Exit/Reentry visa, valid Residence Visa, employment letter, bank statements, hotel accommodation, plane tickets, passport. What are these approved document you mentioned?

Why you applied for yourself, not with your whole family?   

Anyways, the best of luck.

Faisal.shamas :

Before i was not married, now i am married and blessed with one baby girl. before i applied for B1/B2 visit visa, However, this time i applied for the B1 business visa and approved documents,

To be honest i don't have big hope but never say never and never give up. so lets see what will happened for the third time.

Thank you for wish me luck.

You may apply for the US visa again since your circumstances have changed.

I have known who were rejected once but later got the visa since the criteria keeps changing with time.

You have an almost positive chance of getting approved if you are going on a training course or seminar while working for a large known Saudi employer.

I also suggest you apply for Canadian visa too, because if you get a Canadian visa you will almost certainly get US. :)

i have been to Canada twice, and next summer I am planning to go there again. anyway, the only couple of days left let's see. to be honest, I am not even thinking a lot about this.

Best of Luck Faisal. You have made people interested including me. Please do keep us updated with your progress...

Will pray for you.

thank you for all of you guys for wishing me good luck. i will diffidently share my third time experience to apply for US visa.

Dear Friends.

Thank you for your suggestions, this time i am granted with 5 years multiple USA Visa.

;) Great. Congratulations  ;)  :)

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